Bougainvillea Gloss
Glossy Gloss
Gold Glitter Gloss
Matte Gloss
Opal Gloss
Orchid Gloss
Pearl Gloss
Pink Glitter Gloss
Rose Gloss
Sand Gloss
Silver Glitter Gloss
LipSense Moisturizing Lip Balm
Diamond Kiss Gloss
Ooops! Lip Color Remover

Apple Cider LipSense
B. Ruby LipSense
Beige Champagne LipSense
Bella LipSense
Berry LipSense
Blackberry LipSense
Blu-Red LipSense
Bombshell LipSense
Bravo LipSense
Brick LipSense
Bronze Shimmer LipSense
Burnt Orange LipSense
C. Coral LipSense
Cappuccino LipSense
Caramel Apple LipSense
Caramel Latte LipSense
Cocoa LipSense
Coral Ice LipSense
Coral Reef LipSense
Cranberry LipSense
Crimson Red LipSense
Currant LipSense
Dark Pink LipSense
Dawn Rising LipSense
Dusty Rose LipSense
Fire-n-Ice LipSense
First Love LipSense
Fleur de Lisa LipSense
Fly Girl LipSense
Fuscia LipSense
Gold Chapagne LipSense
Hazelnut LipSense
Heartbreaker LipSense
Honey Rose LipSense
Icicle LipSense
Kathys Kisses LipSense
Kellys Krush LipSense
Kiss For A Cause LipSense
Kiss Me Katie LipSense
Lexie Beary LipSense
Luv It LipSense
Mauve Ice LipSense
Moca LipSense
Mulled Wine LipSense
Napa LipSense
Neutral LipSense
Nude LipSense
Nutmeg LipSense
Party Pink LipSense
Peace Pink LipSense
Peach LipSense
Persimmon LipSense
Pink Champagne LipSense
Pink Ice LipSense
Plum LipSense
Plumeria LipSense
Pomegranate LipSense
Praline Rose LipSense
Precious Topaz LipSense
Pumpkin Spice LipSense
Purple Reign LipSense
Raisin LipSense
Razzberry LipSense
Red Cherry LipSense
Redwood LipSense
Rhubarb LipSense
Rose Ice LipSense
RoseBerry LipSense
Samon LipSense
Sheer Berry LipSense
Sheer Pink LipSense
Shelala LipSense
Snow LipSense
Spice Ice LipSense
Strawberry Shortcake LipSense
Violette LipSense
Sumer Sunset LipSense

Limited Edition Diamond Colors $30 each

Bombshell Diamond LipSense
Caramel Apple Diamond LipSense
Crimson Red Diamond LipSense
Sheer Berry Diamond LipSense
Praline Rose Diamond LipSense


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Individual Colors $25 each

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