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Our order site is being cranky. If you need to place an order, contact me at (I have lots in stock that my website doesn't have anyway.)

My name is Jamie Pearson. I am an entrepreneur who has worked in the fields of HR, Accounting, Recruiting, Software, Signage, Sports Information, and more. For the past 9 years I've been working with my husband in his software business handling accounting and member services. I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas suburbs with my husband and three kids. I'm also a homeschooling momma! I love it! 

Since having my first child I have worked from home while managing my own businesses and my husband's business. After having twins almost three years ago I decided it was time to try something "fun" where I could reconnect with the wonderful lady friends around her and get to enjoy the business aspect alongside the friendships. When I found SeneGence/LipSense I didn't know it would become a fabulous work from home opportunity. At first I just wanted a lip color that wouldn't come off in 5 minutes. I was a self-admitted lip balm addict and needed to convert to something that would give me color but last a while. I stopped wearing makeup as it was a hassle and always fell off my face. I didn't feel great about myself and was sinking into depression being overwhelmed with work, kids, home, etc.

Today I am a full-fledged SeneJunkie! Wearing SeneGence makeup every single day and, of course, LipSense. It's life changing seeing your husband perk up when he sees you wearing makeup (am I right????).

I have lots of friends and family say that they don't wear makeup. And that's fine. Our products offer a mechanical shield against the sun and are far better for you than chemical-based sunscreens. Why not try it for that benefit alone? I have colors that are no color base at all or some to match your lip tone. Or how about just some lip balm or a gloss? My LipSense products will heal your lips and keep them plump, healthy and happy. Chapsticks and lip balms you can buy in the store do absolutely nothing but coat your lips with a wax. They don't ever solve the problem. Why you do think you have to reapply so often? Give LipSense and try. It's risk free. If you don't like it, I'll refund you!

And, if you are looking for an awesome opportunity to work from home (or wherever you are), contact me for all of the scoop. It's only $55 to start and be your own Lip Boss! My team is super helpful and fun! I look forward to working with you and will help you build your business. If you are ready to sign up, go here:

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